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I've always loved candles and used them regularly at home, but all too frequently, I was disappointed when the fragrance disappeared long before the candle had completely burnt down.

This disappointment, along with my growing interest in how candles were made, led me to start experimenting and making my own.

At first I was surprised to discover how difficult it was to make the perfect candle. After many years of research, trial and error and determination, I started to make progress. Along the way I even discovered that there was a right and wrong way to burn a candle!

(Find out more in my Candle Care section ).

After refining my technique I had created a candle with fragrance that continues to the

very end. It then became a logical step for me to discover new fragrances, expand the range and

start selling to a wider market.

Alosi Candles was born.

All Alosi Candles are made from natural wax, hand poured and presented in recyclable packaging.

Everything I make and sell is regularly and rigorously tested to ensure quality and my aim is to produce high quality, luxury candles at an everyday, affordable price.

That way, you will be able to enjoy the calm, fragrant pleasure of a scented candle in your own home.

Treat yourself or buy one as a gift for family and friends.

Nicki Mayne - Founder & Maker

Alosi Candles
Alosi Candles
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